David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time

14 Nov

A review/track-by-track analysis of “Crazy Clown Time,” or at least until I’m sufficiently weirded out.

David Lynch released his “first” album this year.  I say “first” because David Lynch has been collaborating on music for his films for years with his soundtrack man, Angelo Badalamenti.  It’s David Lynch so I knew it was going to be weird as all get out and intermittently creepy, if not creepy through and through.  It’s all of that, but it’s got some surprises.

The first track is just plain great.  I thought the female vocalist sounded familiar on the first listen.  Come to find out, it’s Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  It’s got a mood that can only be described as Lynchian.  Okay.  It could also be described as a terrifying midnight thrill-ride down a curvy, California coastline.  Karen O.’s vocals jive really well with Lynch’s horrific backdrop and makes me hopeful for some future pop/rock collaborations.

“Good Day Today,” released earlier this year, is without a doubt the best song on the album and shows a different, encouraging direction for Lynch.  It’s synth drone and smooth, filtered vocals fall somewhere in between cathartic and chilling.  “Send me an angel, save me.  I wanna have a good day today.”  Followed shortly after by: “So tired of **muffled explosion**.  So tired of **spastic gunshots**.”  Part of me hopes that Lynch wakes up every morning, stares at himself in the mirror and uses this as his daily affirmation.  I’ve listened to this song a good 25 times in the past week.  I haven’t had a single good day.

“So Glad” begins the quick descent into the classic Lynch bizzare.  It would be a great track for an interpolated Lynch musical: the sung monologue of a recently freed, tortured soul.  “Noah’s Ark” is an interesting follow up though probably a little on the long side.  The beat has an almost simple “Mezzanine” era Massive Attack feel to it.  “I know a song.  I know a s-, know a s-, know s-, know a song.”

The core of the album, “Strange And Unproductive Thinking,” is funny.  In typical Lynch fashion, you begin with something seemingly coherent, a robot ranting about metaphysical philosophy and the nature of “bliss.”  It ends with a deep-delving study on tooth decay.  I hear Lynch doing a bit of self-commentary here.  I also can’t help but think that it’s like I’m sitting across the table from a stoned Soundwave going off.  Picture it.  “Strange And Unproductive Thinking”

I did it for you.

The rest of the album is a bit of a snooze in my opinion…that is if you can sleep.  The instrumental “The Night Bell With Lightning” recalls a cool, prowling car ride in “Twin Peaks.”  Very cinematic.

The title track is…annoying.  I’m open for weirdness, but 7 1/2 minutes of what sounds like a slow boy recalling the events of his older brother’s high school party over orgasmic gasps is a little much.  Oh, and for those of you who wanted to know, “Crazy Clown Time” is also known as running around the backyard (and it’s “real fun”).  I wasn’t sold on the album title in the first place.  Yes, clowns are creepy; but not David Lynch creepy.  Something like “The Crusty Midnight Masturbations of a Deranged Loner” seems more appropriate.

Rating: ***1/2

I wouldn’t worry about owning the album, but seriously check this out: “Good Day Today”  It won the David Lynch contest for the official video.  It’s got some pretty awesome clips: seriously endless bowls of soup, fried eyes and bacon, vampire bluetooths, pink bowties, gun-wielding children!  Yay!

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