UFC 136

10 Oct

Anthony Pettis was given a lay up of a fight, and after a lucky bounce, it went in. He was supposed to outclass the slower and less technical Jeremy Stephens; instead he outwrestled him, kinda. Pettis certainly has potential, but he’s a long way from getting back that title shot he lost in the Clay Guida fight.

Jorge Santiago cannot compete against top UFC middle weights. He was outstruck by Brian Stann and outgrappled saturday night against Demian Maia. Maia’s takedowns were impressive, but his striking defense is going to leave him looking like…

Melvin Guillard was sloppy against Shane Roller, but his athleticism saved him, he was sloppy against Joe Lauzon and he was tapped out for his troubles. I don’t think this fight says anything we didn’t suspect: Lauzon is dangerous and Guillard needs to focus more. It’s a shame too, because he still might be the best 155er in the world.

I didn’t care much for the Leonard Garcia v. Nam Pham fight as much as some others. Typical Garcia fare; it was entertaining for sure, but this is starting to feel like another sequel to an bad action movie: excitement, but not much substance. Pham looked polished, I’d like to see if he’s improved his takedown defense.

Chael Sonnen looked as expected. Have to give credit to Brian Stann for avoiding a takedown attempt, and getting back to his feet. He also landed a good blow, but just couldn’t keep the fight standing. Sonnen is working his ground game. Watch out Anderson Silva, and also your wife.

Kenny Florian took Jose Aldo into deep water thinking Aldo would break…he didn’t. Aldo outstruck and outgrappled Florian en route to a lackluster decision. Florian didn’t choke, he just lacked the skill set to hurt Aldo whose obvious weakness is takedown defense and cardio. Aldo will lose to Chad Mendes if  the same fighter who has shown up the last couple fights shows up agaisnt him.

Gray Maynard couldn’t do what Joe Lauzon could: finish a hurt opponent with a submission. This has failed him twice now against Frankie Edgar. Why has Maynard been able to tag Edgar twice in the first round? No idea. It became even more evident this fight, after Maynard wisely did not punch himself out in the first, that Edgar is the superior striker and all-around fighter. He has top level wrestling and striking combined with a great scrambling and cardio.

So Aldo is too big for 145 and Edgar is too small for 155? Superfight at 150.

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