5 Oct

My coworker was kind enough to set some advertisements aside that she thought I needed to see.  I did.

What exactly happens in Pleasuretown?  A bunch of hedonistic swingers exchange sexual favors for pretzels?   And the ticket is one-way?  I have to work tomorrow, is round-trip available?

This is terrifying.  I never thought the product of human-horse beastiality would be so precious.  Is her name Pinkie Pie or Soft Pinkie Pie?  She’s a little young for a tattoo.  Finally, episodes available on iTunes for all the bronies out there!  Yes, they’re real…


The picture is priceless.  Define “catastrohpe.”  I don’t think reaching the phone is the problem; this woman looks unconscious.  Apparently they are saving lives every 17 minutes.  I wonder if this woman falls every 17 minutes.  Also, I now know that the phrase “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” has been registered.

This is absolutely filthy.  “Shhhh!  Don’t tell anybody that I’m sharting!”  That kid better be careful or he’s going to get shit on his sneakers.  I absolutely love the Pedialyte timeline at the bottom.  Infant stomachs are worried and apparently wear leaky diapers that cover their mouths.  Gurgle…  Asian toddler stomachs are depressed and spray all over the place apathetically.  Mexican children stomachs purge poo defiantly.  I’d be pissed if I had too much taco dip too.

I should get into advertising.

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