The Buffalo Bills

3 Oct

I decided to reinvest myself in football this year.  I hadn’t really followed the sport since the Bledsoe-era Bills, but after watching the home opener Bills and Raiders game live at Ralph Wilson Stadium, I was sort of hooked.  I had the pleasure of sharing the experience with my Bills super-fan friend, Douche (sorry, Steve, we do need to stop calling you that), who intensified every exciting play with “Let’s go Buffalo!” screams and hand-numbing high fives.

After their victory over the Patriots for the first time in 16 years last week, they were one of three teams that had a 3-0 record (not to mention four picks off Brady).  It was a disappointing loss yesterday to the Bengals, particularly considering the fact that they were up for the majority of the game and the controversial ruling on the incomplete pass which terminated a successful drive.  Bills’ defense looked really sharp, Fitzpatrick, not so much.  In any event, I’m looking forward to next week and will probably spend too much money on a jersey to go with the hat I bought at the stadium (what a shmuck).

I used to make fun of my diehard Mets/Bills fan friends for being masochists.  Now I’m a Twins/Bills fan.  Christ.

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