The Socratic Hipster

19 Aug

This blog is intended to be a creative outlet for what I have deemed the Socratic Hipster: one who knows that the hippest one can possibly be is by knowing that they are not hip.  “Hip” as an ideal no longer exists.  Today, we have a Hipster Spectrum ranging from the high pH hipsters that have not one but four bicycle caps (for accessorizing purposes) and listen only to obscure Japanese jangle pop  to your basic, eclectic, relatively harmless pop culture snob.  It is an important distinction to make.  I want this blog to serve as a way to broaden the hipster horizon through pop culture enlightenment, not a venue for one-upping and condescension.  Unless of course somebody really deserves it.  That being said, no Nickelback album reviews (unless it’s done in jest…and even then).

Encouraged Posts 

Slices of Hipster Life

Music Reviews (Album/Artist/Genre)

Concert Reviews

mp3 posts

Movie Reviews

Television Series Reviews (No Spoilers)

Book Reviews (Poetry Included)

Post your own short fiction, poetry if you’re not too bashful (Critics Welcome)

Video Game Reviews (the Dorkier the Better)

Art/Art Show Reviews



Should-be Viral Videos

post your own visual art

Sports Special Interest Articles

MMA Card Analysis (Seriously No Spoilers)

Beer, Whiskey and Wine Reviews

Restaurant/Cafe Reviews

Favorite Hot Spots – Dives/Clubs

Collections (for bragging rights)

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  1. Jess August 23, 2011 at 3:30 pm #

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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